Electric Cars Save You Money!

Electricity costs less than gasoline! Especially if you charge over-night or on weekends when the cost of electricity is lowest. By driving an electric car in Canada, you can save $1,500-$2,000 per year on fuel.

Electric cars need less maintenance! Electric cars do not need oil changes, coolant flushes, mufflers or exhaust systems, saving you hundreds of dollars per year on maintenance.

Government incentives reduce your upfront cost! Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec have government purchase incentives in place, saving you up to $15,000 off the purchase of your electric car and charging station.

Electric Cars Reduce Emissions

Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions! The burning of fossil fuels produces hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air we breathe and contribute to global warming. The only emissions from your electric car are from the generation of electricity. Most of Canada's electricity comes from hydro and nuclear, both low-emitting energy sources, and by driving an electric car in Canada you can reduce your car's emissions by as much as 90%.

Electric Cars Deliver Top Performance

Electric cars have the exact same comforts as gas cars! Electric cars come equipped with heated steering wheels, heated seats, on-board GPS systems, Bluetooth connections, air conditioning, heating and top notch sound systems. In short, they are the exact same as gas cars with one major difference, they use electricity instead of fossil fuel.

Electric cars deliver acceleration and speed! Electric motors have no gears, which means you get full torque from the moment you step on the pedal. This gives them better acceleration than gas cars and they have zero trouble maintaining highway speeds upwards of 150 km/h.

Electric cars are quiet! Gas engines have multiple moving parts and are noisy. Electric cars are completely silent when running regardless of what speed you are going, making for a calm and relaxing experience.

Electric Cars Are For Everyone

Electric cars come in all price points! Electric cars start from as low as $27,000, before government incentives, and most fall in the $35,000-$45,000 range.

Electric cars come in all shapes and sizes! From subcompact to mid-size to SUV, there are 23 electric car models available for sale in Canada with more on the way.

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