What's keeping drivers from making the switch? What can we learn from those who did? To find out, Plug'n Drive commissioned a survey of conventional gas car owners and EV owners in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), Canada's largest and fastest growing urban region. Conducted by the polling company Research Now, the survey interviewed 1,000 gas car owners and 192 EV owners in the fall of 2016. The survey results reveal that widespread uptake of EVs is impeded by a number of barriers, both real and preceived. Here are the most notable findings. Gas car owners:

  1. Have a general lack of awareness about EV purchase incentives
  2. Have limited knowledge of long-term cost savings
  3. Have common misconceptions about the range capabilities of EVs and their daily driving needs
  4. Have low awareness of the link between car choice and climate change

Armed with a better understanding of the motivations behind EV and gas car owners alike, Plug'n Drive has put forward a number of recommendations to help drivers make the switch to an electrified future.

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