The Car

Category PHEV

Drive Train FWD

Cargo Space 8.2 cu ft

Torque 129 lb-ft

Weight 1,774 kg

Passengers 5

Doors 5

Safety Features

  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Forward Collision Alert

Electric Motor 68 kW


  • Basic Warranty: 3 Years/60,000 km
  • Powertrain Warranty: 5 Years/100,000 km

Unique Features

  • Sync with MyFord Touch
  • Built-in Braking Coach
  • MyFord Mobile App
  • Illuminated Charge Port Shows Status of Charge
  • Heated and Cooled Seats


Horsepower 141 hp

Top Speed 136 km/h

Acceleration (0-100km/h) 7.9 s

Range on Electric 34 km

Total Range 884 km

Energy Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency City (Electric) 2.5 Litres Equivalent/100 km

Fuel Efficiency Hwy (Electric) 2.9 Litres Equivalent/100 km

Fuel Efficiency City (Gas) 5.8 Litres/100 km

Fuel Efficiency Hwy (Gas) 6.6 Litres/100 km


Battery 7.6 kWh

Time to Charge 2.5 Hours (Level 2)

Warranty8 Years/160,000 km


Ontario $7,730

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