Electric Cars - General

Plug'n Drive Guide: Electrify Your Ride

This guide contains everything you need to know about the environmental and economic benefits of driving an electric car in Ontario, performance and pricing for every electric car available in Canada and information on Ontario's electric vehicle incentives.

Plug'n Drive App: Compare Your Gas Car to an Electric Car

This tool calculates your daily commute. The app then recommends electric cars that work for your driving needs while showing you how much money you can save and how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by driving electric.

Bruce Power App: Learn More About Your Electricity Bill

The app helps you understand where your power comes from, along with the cost and air quality impacts of various energy sources.

Industry Report: What Can Canada and Ontario Do To Accelerate Electric Cars

This report by Plug’n Drive, Bruce Power, Pollution Probe and the University of Waterloo, explores ways to build upon existing policy at the federal and provincial levels to facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles.

Charging Stations

Plug'n Drive Online Store: Buy a Charging Station for Your Electric Car

Here you will find a variety of home charging stations to fit your needs. 

Plug'n Drive Guide: Enabling EV Charging in Condominiums

This guide released by Plug'n Drive, the Canadian Condominium Institute, Zizzo Allan LLP and the World Wildflife Fund outlines the legal and logistical hurdles that condo residents face when installing charging stations to help inform the conversation between drivers, condo boards and property developers.

PlugShare App: Find a Public Charging Station

PlugShare is a global leader in public charging station mapping. By combining data from public charging network providers and electric vehicle drivers, PlugShare provides the geo-location of every public charging station in every country.

EVChargeHub App: Find a Public Charging Station

EVChargeHub provides a comprehensive list of Canada's public charging stations to help you find and navigate to a station near you. 


Plug'n Drive Report: How Electric Cars Can Help Ontario Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This report was prepared by Plug'n Drive to help inform Ontario's climate change action strategy. It outlines five sales growth scenarios and their associated impacts on emissions reduction, electricity revenue, electricity consumption and battery storage.


Canadian Electricity Association: Everything You Need to Know About Electricity in Canada

The Canadian Electricity Association is a Canada-wide electricity industry association made up of generators, manufacturers and distributors.


Green Car Reports: Your Quintessential Resource for Hybrid and Electric Car News

Green Car Reports is the number one resource for news and information on hybrid and electric vehicles.

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